To Schnirkle

When I was very young in the mid-80s, I read an article in the newspaper, which burned itself into my memory. I don’t remember much else but it’s discussion of the  concept of “circular thinking”, and that Nynne Koch, a prominent feminist of the time, was thew spokeswoman of it.
Nynne Koch described two basically different ways to think and reason: a feminine circular and a masculine linear mode. This viewpoint created some commotion in the overly politically involved commune I then lived in. The women felt immediately and deeply described and understood, and the men though it absolutely rubbish. I felt bespoken so profoundly, it still keeps with me to this day.
My own intrikate way of combining fenomena, see likenesses, put things together and view the world was in one instant not only descibed, but acquired legitimacy as equal. Equal to the linear cause-effect, solution and action orientated logic which is prominent in the sphere og Power. If you don’t understand how to navigate in linear thinking, you have no chance.
Sure, both ways are required. Each in it’s own time.
To Schnirkle is when you are talking with your friend about the state of the World, the kids, the boyfriend, your old mother, the other girls, the newest discoveries in quantum physics and political strategy in one, unbroken string of association. Because everything is connected, when it boils down to it.
To Schnirkle is to insist, that nothing is just cause and effect. That the worlds is bigger than we humans will ever understand, and you must approach the easy explanations with suspiscion.
To Schnirkle is the urge to be curious, creative and loose track on purpose.