The Møn soap is a basic soap, to which is added herbs and essences of herbs and flowers from my garden in  the eastern part of Møn.

The soap base consists of 50% coconut oil, 25% rape seeed oil and 25% almond oil. all oils are organic.

The oils are saponified with caustic soda, which is carefully measured to the different oils. That ensures that all is properly saponified, and the pH-value of the soap is skin-friendly.

The soaps are manufactured through the so-called “cold process”, in which the oils and a solution of water and caustic soda is mixed and stirred, untill it thickens. Then the herbs and essences are added, and the mixture is poured into molds to set for 24 hours. When the soap has solidified, it is removed from the mold and cut into small soaps. These are set aside for a month to cure, before they are wrapped and useable. In the curing, the water evaporates and the saponification continues undtil there is no more caustic soda left.

The herbs and flowers in the soaps are chosen for their healing and soothing qualities, and all are harvested in my garden.

If there is a scent to the soaps, it is from the flowers or herbs in the soap. I have not added either colour nor fragrance.

I use the soaps myself for both hands, body and hair. When used for the hair, I spray with vinegar to finish the wash, because it softens the hair. It is perfectly fine without, if you like your hair to have a “hold”.

My soaps are for sale at Krumbækgård, just around the corner from my garden